Scoping Study

Publication title: “Interoperability-related architectural problems and solutions in information systems: A scoping study”

[Context] With the increasing industrial demands for seamless exchange of data and services among information systems, architectural solutions are a promising research direction which supports high levels of interoperability at early development stages.
[Objectives] This research aims at identifying the architectural problems and before-release solutions of interoperability on its dif-ferent levels in information systems, and exploring the interoperability metrics and research methods used to evaluate identified solutions.
[Methods] We per-formed a scoping study in 5 digital libraries and descriptively analyzed the results of the selected studies.
[Results] From the 22 studies included, we present a list of the addressed interoperability architectural problems and solutions along with a statement about the solutions’ evaluation status.
[Conclusions] Progress has been made in the interoperability research area and solutions have been proposed to solve interoperability problems. Nevertheless, more researches need to be spent on solutions for the higher levels of interoperability accompanied with proper empirical evaluation for their effectiveness and usefulness for researchers and practitioners.

All material used in conducting the scoping study is available
here! (password: ecsa14)

It contains three Excel files:
1. Search queries and results
2. Study selection with justification
3. Data extraction