SoP Survey

Publication title: “Software Interoperability Analysis in Practice – A Survey”

Software interoperability property plays a vital role in enabling interoperation in today’s system-of-systems, cyber-physical systems, ecosystems, etc. Despite of the critical role of interoperability analysis in enabling a successful and meaningful software interoperation, it is still facing challenges that impede performing it effectively and efficiently. We performed an online survey of software engineers with software integration experiences to identify the main difficulties of performing interoperability analysis. The results confirm that the state of available practical support and current input artifacts used during the analysis are significantly perceived as important difficulties. Respondents claim a lack of guidelines and best practices for applying interoperability analysis and claim insufficiency of shared information about interoperable software units. This indicates the need for providing directive and rigorous guidelines for practitioners to follow and to enrich the content of shared documents about interoperable software units.

The designed questionnaire for this survey is available here!

The supporting introduction video for this survey is available here!